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Pro Builder Loyalty Program for Building Material Suppliers

One-click access to a collection of business management assets which will enhance Pro Builder management skills.

•A curated library of analytical tools, forms, worksheets and documents based on decades of actual construction company management experience and construction owner coaching.

•A real-world supplement to the high-priced, limited purpose construction management platforms (CMPs) currently available in the market.

•Builder-BOS is not a knock-off of, or replacement for, BuilderTrend, Co-Construct, Procore, or other construction management platforms (CMPs).

•Unlike the CMPs, Builder-BOS focuses on how each project fits into the portfolio of the entire Company, and how each project contributes to Company performance and profitability.

•While project-specific tools are available (contracting, client management, project profitability reports, etc.), each component of the Builder-BOS platform emphasizes the overall performance of the business.

Experience with construction management platforms (CMPs) demonstrate that --

  • CMPs are great at capturing data, documenting actions, and tracking the specifics of a single project.
  • CMPs are great at the WHO, the WHEN and the WHERE of a construction project, but severely lacking in the WHAT and HOW of running a construction business.

That's where Builder-BOS steps in to provide what your Pro Builder market really needs.

Based on decades of running a construction business and coaching other builders, Builder-BOS provides analytical tools, forms, worksheets and documents to make running a construction business easier, smoother, and more profitably.

The Builder-BOS subscription will move your ProBuilder from the project focus of the construction management platforms to the business management focus necessary for his or her construction business to be a success.

That's what Builder Resources and Builder Academy mean when we say...

"You Build. We Biz."

I have made this application as simple to use and as comprehensive as possible because I know what the life of a Pro Builder is like, and how important it is to get the • right information • at the right time • without a lot of fuss.  

When your building materials center provides this platform to your Pro Builders, you will become a trusted ally in their business  • saving them time, • providing information they need, and • helping their construction business thrive.

A Business Operating System for managing a Construction Business.

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I have been a residential builder for almost four decades, and since 2008, I have also been building and curating an internet presence focused on helping the Pro Builder manage the business of residential construction, relying on my experience as a Pro Builder and as a university instructor in Finance, Marketing, and Business Management. 
To date, our website family has had:
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worksheets, sample document, and analytical tools downloaded

Our Family of Websites:
(check us out!! ) - (Informational)

provides general advice for Pro Builders seeking information to guide them in the operation of their construction businesses.

(view website) - (Educational)

provides instructional courses, worksheets, and other assets containing tools to educate Pro Builders in the essentials of managing a construction business and making sound operational and financial decisions.

(view website) - (Operational)

The Builder-Business Operating System puts the tools for operating a construction business right at the Pro Builder’s fingertips. Access is from any platform – desktop, pad, or phone.  The tools are built to be used wherever the Pro Builder is.

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Here is how to sponsor Builder-BOS content for your Pro Builders:

(The two-month free trial period will be available only during the introductory period)

1 Seat

$ 5 First month, then $29/month

25 Seats

$ 0 First two months, then $125/month

50 Seats

$ 0 First two months, then $225/month

100 Seats

$ 0 First two months, then $400/month

250 Seats

$ 0 First two months, then $875/month

500 Seats

$ 0 First two months, then $1,500/month

1,000 Seats

$ 0 First two months, then $2,500/month